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Having a dependable referral network is crucial when it comes to buying, marketing, or selling your home.

When it comes down to any real estate transaction, home buyers and home sellers alike will need a wide range of services to help market or improve their home. Home inspections, painting, handymen, landscapers, interior decorators, are just a few of the services that are commonly used. Why not partner with a realtor who has the great relationships with the best service providers in the city of Atlanta?

Landscaping Design

Humzah Khraim

Seasons Wood Landscaping
Interior Designer

Kristen Davis

Owner - KFD Designs
Closing Attorney

Whit J. Wood

Campbell + Brannon
Mortgage Lender

Keith Spain

VP - Banksouth Mortgage
Survey Company

McClung Surveying

Home Inspector

Ted Rodgers

Greystone Home Inspections

Gerardo Perez

Owner - Riverside Painting

Raul Hernandez

RHI Painting

We know the good guys out there in every trade. If you have any specific needs, let us know and we will gladly share our vendors. There are a lot of moving parts involved in every real estate transaction. Click below and we will be happy to provide you with answers to any question you might have.

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